Class Enrollment

Lead Supervisor

Duration (hours): 32
Certification Length (months): 6

This course incorporates the EPA Model Course materials and June 1995 HUD guidelines (with the 1997 Chapter 7 revision). It will cover background information on lead, sources of environmental lead contamination, health effects and medical monitoring, federal, state and local regulations, legal and insurance issues, reviewing inspection and risk assessment reports, integration of lead work with modernization and rehabilitation projects, pre-abatement planning, lead hazard, recognition and control, introduction to respiratory protection and protective clothing, employee information and training, occupant protection plans, project management, contract specs, supervision techniques, lead abatement options, interior dust reduction and clean up, internal and external abatement, post abatement/clean up, soil abatement, lead sampling in soil, dust and air, clearance testing and criteria, waste disposal, community and employee relations, cost estimating, recordkeeping.

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Scheduled Classes Available

Monday, March 11, 2024
Beginnning at 8:00 AM
Instructor: Dave Pippenger
Fee: $1,150.00