Class Enrollment

Lead Risk Assessor

Duration (hours): 16
Certification Length (months): 6

This course will present the HUD devised methods for Lead Risk Assessment Screen and Full Risk Assessment. These are methods of onsite investigations of a residential dwelling to discover lead-based paint hazards. The course content includes lead risk assessment protocol, collecting background information on the property and occupants, visual inspection and assessment, sampling for lead exposures (paint, wipe, soil and other), interpretation of sample results, overview of O & M program, interim controls, hazard control options, recordkeeping, risk assessment report, liability, insurance and public relations issues. The course includes 4-hours of hands-on activities including sampling, interpretation of sampling results and assessment activities. This certification qualifies a person to conduct lead hazard screens and risk assessments for the purpose of recommending lead hazard control options. A risk assessor identifies environmental sources of lead and also performs abatement clearance.

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Scheduled Classes Available

Thursday, June 16, 2022
Beginnning at 8:00 AM
Instructor: Dave Pippenger
Fee: $700.00