Industrial Hygiene

New construction technology has aggravated the indoor air pollutants such as radon, cleaningcompound fumes, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, spores and fungi and formaldehyde. Cole and Associates uses a variety of techniques to determine the source of the pollutants and design a solution.
  • Air Quality Investigations
  • Emission Source Sampling
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Air and Water Pollution Engineering
  • Ionizing Radiation Measurement and Control
  • Right-to-Know Program Development
  • Environmental Health Training Programs
  • Compliance Audits (OSHA, EPA, MSHA)

Work Place Hazards

Identified work place hazards are increasing at an alarming rate. Some of these hazards are new and some, which have always existed, are just now being identified.There is growing regulatory and employee pressure to confront these issues. The hazard can be chemical, physical, biological, or even psychological. Our staff if prepared to assist with the following services:
  • measurements
  • Safety and O & M Procedures
  • Hazard Communications Programs
  • Personal Protective Equipment Recommendations
  • Compliance Audits
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