Building Surveys

Virtually all-commercial buildings constructed prior to 1980 contain some form of asbestos. In order for building owners to assess the status of asbestos-containing materials in their facilities, samples of all suspect building materials are carefully analyzed to determine whether asbestos is present. We then prepare a detailed report, which contains:
  • Description of bulk samples taken
  • Method of quality control
  • List of all areas found to contain friable asbestos
  • Corrective action alternatives
  • Abatement Cost Estimates
  • List non-friable materials suspected of containing asbestos

Operations and Maintenance Plans

If asbestos-containing materials are found to be present, an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plan is highly recommended. The O&M Plan should be continued until the asbestos material is removed, since removal is the only permanent means of eliminating the threat of possible exposure to the occupants of the building. An Operations and Maintenance Plan serves two purposes:
  • It provides assurance that prudent steps are being taken to minimize the exposure potential
  • to the employees, public and maintenance workers in the building.
  • It serves as documentation of the steps the owner has taken to reduce the exposure potential.

Abatement Design

When asbestos-containing materials are present, one of several response actions must be implemented. The Cole and Associates personnel are EPA Accredited as Abatement Project Designers and are also either Professional Engineers or Industrial Hygienists. Following are some of the key elements necessary for a successful abatement project:
  • Bid Advertisement - A large pool of qualified bidders will reduce costs to the owner. We recommend pre-qualification of prospective bidders. A project walk through and pre-bid conference are also highly recommended.
  • Contract Administration - The project administration includes submittal review, work plan review, issuance of notices to proceed, issuance of addenda, change orders and final closeout. General project supervision is provided throughout the construction phase.
  • Abatement Surveillance - Worker protection rules require full time air monitoring and final clearance sampling of the abatement work area. This work is crucial in protecting the abatement worker, building occupants and documenting that the work was done safely.

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